Transglutaminase(TG), which widely distributed in human bodies, advanced animals, plants and microorganisms. 

It can catalyzes the reactions of cross-linking intra-and intermolecular of proteins, thus TG can improve the capability of the food protein. For example the emulsification, gelation, viscosity and high thermal-stability.

Reactions catalyzed by TG:

The Cross-linking reaction by TG:


Characteristics of TG:

1.Reaction time and temperature of TG enzyme in food

       The effect of TG enzyme reaction depends on temperature and total reaction time. In the process of protein reaction catalyzed by TG enzyme, temperature is inversely proportional to time; If the reaction temperature is higher, the reaction time is shorter. On the contrary, if the temperature is lower, the reaction time is longer. The time and temperature required for enzymatic reaction depend on physical and chemical properties of various kinds of food.

2、Wide pH range of TG reaction

       TG enzyme can carry out cross-linking reaction in a wide pH range of 4-9, and its optimum pH value is 5-8.

3、Thermal stability of TG

       TG enzyme remained stable when the temperature was not higher than 40 ℃, and generally began to inactivate when the central temperature of food was higher than 75 ℃.